Why is Tobacco Bad for You


Tobacco is one of the most dangerous and addictive  drugs in the world. Its used in cigarette’s and cigars. Smoking of one cigar is equal to smoking of 10 cigarettes. The use of tobacco leads to many diseases as it contains the nicotine. Nicotine is the drug similar to cocaine. It is a slow poison . Now a days many people are taking up the habit of smoking because it gives you  relaxation and makes the stress go away. But it causes many diseases that are harmful to health and slowly  leads to death. Now a days many deaths are caused by smoking. 85% of the lung cancer is caused by tobacco usage.

Problems and diseases that occur due to tobacco use:

tobacco population

Most of these deaths are caused by tobacco usage. It leads to lung cancer, heart diseases, breath problems, stains on teeth, decreases your physical ability , and increases blood pressure. It also causes many chronic diseases.  The most common among them is the lung cancer and mouth cancer.

More Disadvantages

Smokeless Tobacco causes cancer of stomach, cancer of liver, cancer of colon ,cancer of kidneys, cancer of throat. People who consume tobacco also have blood clotting issues. Studies also show that most people who chew develop type 2 diabetes. In males smoking causes erectile dysfunction because it disrupts the blood flow.

Problems during pregency due to tobacco:

Women Smoker

Today women are also addicted to smoking. During pregnancy smoking is injurious to both mother and child as it contains nicotine .It is poisonous to health .It leads to abortion , pre mature delivery , contaminated milk , mental disorders, cancers etc. Second hand smoke is also dangerous  to pregent women .It also causes similar diseases. For more information on quitting solutions visit Quit Chewing Community.

Most of the tobacco consumption is seen in youth. Girls become addicted to smoking earlier than boys. Nearly 6 months of time is taken to become addicted to smoking. Because it acts as a stress reliever it is easy to remain using the drug. Both the ways of using smoked and smokeless is dangerous to health. Few drops of pure nicotine is more than enough to kill a average sized person.

The one who smokes one pack of cigarettes daily may die 7 years earlier than non smokers. Usage of tobacco eventually reduces the lifeline of people. It also affects the lifestyle. Tobacco  usage  is a bad habit that leads to many diseases, affects lifestyle and loss the physical ability.





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